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Sesame Soy Salad Dressing, 10 FL OZ

Sushi Chef Salad Dressing

Japanese salads consist of small servings of vegetables, fruit, or fish arranged in little, elegant dishes. The ingredients are chosen to complement the flavor, texture, and color of the main dish.

Sushi Chef® presents the traditional salad dressing served at the finest Japanese restaurants. It contains the highest quality ingredients including naturally brewed soy sauce and rice vinegar, and a light aromatic sesame oil. The salad dressing has a delicious combination of both sweet and piquant flavors. It is also an excellent marinade! 

Ingredients: Soy Sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, and alcohol), Rice Vinegar, Sugar, Sesame Oil, Flavorings, and Spices 

Free of: Lactose and Cholesterol

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