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Our Story

When Sushi Chef® was founded, in 1982, Japanese food had just begun to catch on in America. Yet while Japanese restaurants had begun sprouting up around the country, few understood the history and techniques behind Japanese food, nor was it easy to source Japanese ingredients to use at home.  Thus, Sushi Chef® was born, to help make Japanese food even more accessible.
The first Sushi Chef® product was the Sushi Kit, which came fully-stocked with all the ingredients (and instructions) needed to create 125 pieces of sushi--- a full meal for 12. Because of its ease and novelty, the Sushi Kit quickly caught on; tens of thousands of dollars-worth were sold within weeks. Now the Sushi Chef® line includes Japanese products unrelated to sushi such as panko, teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, and sells to thousands of supermarkets, gourmet, health and specialty food stores, hotels, institutions and colleges around the world.  Because of its early influence and consistent commitment to quality, Sushi Chef® has become synonymous with premier Japanese food products.

Japanese Cuisine

Our Mission 

The Japanese take food very seriously. Each Japanese meal is inextricably linked to an ancient tradition, which combines meals with aesthetics, religion and history. Each dish relates a story about its surroundings, the current season, and the guests present at the table.  Yet for all its intricacy and elegance, Japanese cuisine is austere at heart; every minute detail matters, from the delicate arrangement of flavors in a dish to the shape of the plate. The quality of the food, therefore, is of the utmost importance.  Sushi Chef® strives to provide that quality so everyone can enjoy a traditional Japanese meal at home.
Ever since Baycliff Company was founded, its unswerving goal has been to provide Japanese food products of the highest quality. Period.  All of our products are packaged in our own warehouse, and made using only traditional Japanese methods. We spend time doing thorough analyses of each new product before we put it on the market, including recipe comparisons and taste tests. We are consistently re-evaluating the quality of our products to make sure we are providing the best, most authentic ingredients available. We are rewarded every time a Japanese person thanks us for making products that taste just like those from home.
Japanese food is a rare example of a cuisine that is both hearty and healthy. Many of our products are low-calorie, fat-free and gluten-free. Yet our attention to quality makes Sushi Chef® products even healthier than many other Japanese food items on the market. We use no artificial sweeteners or flavor substitutes, and our natural line of products contains no artificial ingredients or dyes.  Our vigilance allows us to provide products that taste as full and pure as possible.
Many have recognized our longstanding attention to quality. Sushi Chef® has been featured in Gourmet, Food & Wine, The Cook’s Magazine, The Boston Globe, Cuisine, Cosmopolitan and House Beautiful, as well as a number of other newspapers, magazines and trade publications. ​The New York Times has called our Sushi Kit “a fine gift” and the Food Network says of it, “This well-equipped sushi making kit provides the essentials for satisfying that sushi craving.” We are ranked the best sushi making kit on Squidoo, and we are consistently well-reviewed on health-related websites for providing products that are low-calorie, fat-free, and low in carbohydrates.
If you have any comments or concerns about how we are maintaining this responsibility, please let us know on our contact page.
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