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Sushi Chef White Sesame Seeds

White Sesame Seed, 3.75 OZ

Sushi Chef® White Sesame Seeds are used in premium restaurants throughout the world. These seeds are mechanically (not chemically) hulled and are imported by us from Guatemala, which is considered one of the best sources of White Sesame Seeds in the world. When roasted, they add a distinctive sesame flavor and colorful accent to many dishes such as rice, vegetables, salads, poultry, and seafood.

Sushi Chef® White Sesame Seeds should be toasted just before use. Put seeds in a heavy, ungreased pan and warm over medium heat. Toast for about a minute, shaking the pan occasionally. Remove from heat immediately and serve. For best results, seeds should be used within a day or two of toasting. 

Ingredients: White Sesame Seeds

Free of: Wheat, Gluten, Lactose, Sugar, and Salt


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