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Furikake, 2.4 OZ


Sushi Chef® Furikake is a savory Japanese seasoning, often sprinkled over cooked rice, vegetables, fish, poké, and various other cuisines to enhance flavoring. Furikake brightens and transforms an everyday go-to dish into an exciting and visually rich meal. 

Sushi Chef® Furikake is made with superior ingredients from only the most trusted sources. Exceptional flavor and uncompromising quality is evident in every bite!

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Dried Bonito, Sugar, Laver (sea lettuce), Salt

Contains 2% or less of: Nori Seaweed, Soy Sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt), Fructose Syrup, Rice Malt, Water, Alcohol, Yeast Extract, Bonito Extract

Free of: Cholesterol and Lactose

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